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Interactive Whiteboards

Price Starts from 24,000 onwards…




An Interactive Whiteboard or IWB is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. The content of the computer’s desktop is projected onto the board’s surface via the projector and users are able to interact with, change and add to material that is displayed on the board.




  • It facilitates creation of a dynamic and conducive learning environment, where students are motivated to be more participative
  • The preparation of course material is simplified and key concepts can be easily highlighted
  • Additions, relevant notes and changes made on the whiteboard can be easily saved for use at a later time

  • Training modules and conference discussions become more interactive and hence more effective
  • Advertising announcements and product demonstrations can be creatively and easily executed
  • Employees are able to better understand and absorb information as well as, ideate and communicate better

  • IWBs are compatible with any remote video conferencing software
  • Supports remote assistance, resource sharing and simultaneous communication with excellent audio and visual clarity
  • Effectively assists online education as a remote teaching aid and in remote conferencing