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COBRA SES (Solar Energy Systems) is a young, dynamic and forward thinking company based in India, operating in Tamilnadu. We are here to make a big difference with the reduction of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases by installing Solar PV to the residential and commercial buildings. Being a small company we are offering a truly personal, friendly and professional services tailored to your unique requirements. Our passion for environment is a guarantee that your needs will be fulfilled with a premiere service.

Our green planet is facing an energy depression. Front pages already advertised that energy demand for consumer brought up society is significantly rising with an irreversible effect. Conventional energy sources are fianite therefore we need an alternative, affordable and effective solution.

Why do I want to buy solar panels?

The utilisation of solar panels is a great way to generate clean and renewable electricity that’s capable of powering your home or workplace.

When you begin to generate your own solar power, your electricity bill will drop. How much depends on how and when you use electricity (including putting washing machines on timers so that they work during the day when your electricity is free). If you are a ‘medium user’ (3300 kWh/yr), with a 2.5kWp PV system, you could cut your bill by a third.

Answers of my mind

  • I am aware that the climate change is global problem and I want to do something about that
  • Solar energy is a clean and renewable way to produce electricity
  • It will increase value of my home and my green credentials
  • It will save my money by reducing bills. Feed in Tariffs are guaranteed for 25 years, panels pays for itself in approximately 10 years and remaining 15 years I am in profit

Answers of my heart

  • I love my children and I want to save this world for them
  • I am sad to see nature dying with all its beauty
  • I feel guilty for our high carbon footprint caused by our lifestyle
  • I am angry about rising electricity prices followed by massive profits of energy companies
  • I am happy that there is a technology available to do something about these problems
  • I can contribute towards world’s good








Solar DVR Security Camera with PIR Motion Detection Video Recording, 39 white LED lights and a stylish weatherproof design will help protect your home and act as a deterrent for any potential burglar.

We have a vast range of security gadgets and equipment and this solar DVR security camera with PIR Motion detection is one of them. Just direct this DVR Camera at a window, door, or any other area you want under surveillance and its passive infrared sensor with a 6 meter distant will boost the protection of that area. The passive infrared sensor automatically detects any heat and motion-based changes therefore when the sensor is triggered; this camera will automatically start recording video onto a 4GB Micro SD card and also shine its ultra-bright 39 white LED lights at the target. A great additional feature to this security camera is that it includes solar charging panels that can provide constant power to the rechargeable li-ion battery, so you can use it in even the most remote places.

This security camera comes with a brand new build for even sturdier construction. The weatherproof structure has been designed to be suited in any outdoor environment and will work extremely well as acting as another pair of eyes on any property. The video has a 640×480 resolution with between 25-30 frames per second allowing you to have a great vision of any activity that is recorded.

This solar DVR security camera with PIR motion detection is a great security asset to be used at any property and is now in stock at an incredible wholesale price.

At a Glance…

39 white LED lights
Weatherproof design
Light up your way when sensor is triggered
Solar DVR security camera
PIR (Passive Infrared Monitor) motion detection camera
Free 4GB Micro SD Card




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Basic Info.

Model NO : SBP-CL-01C
Light Type : LED
IP Rating : IP65
Voltage : <6V
Material : ABS
Export Markets : North America, South America, Africa, Mid East, Western Europe

Additional Info.

Trademark : SUNNYBP
Packing : Carton
Standard : CE, RoHS
Origin : China
Production Capacity : 50, 000/Month

Product Description

Take pride in knowing what you are doing is helping to preserve and protect our environment. with this environmentally friendly “green” lantern, you will be not pollute our planet with wasteful worn-out batteries in our landfills or by burning dangerous liquid and gas fossil fuels. Do your part to protect our environment, stay safe, and save money at the same time!

Product size: 10 inches tall * 7 inches in diameter.
Color: Black, Sliver, Red, Yellow or according to customer requirement
Solar panel: 2Watt. Built-in rechargable battery. 10 hours of sunlight to fully charge battery.
Materials: ABS
Function & Feature:
* Ultra bright 12 LEDs for lighting &12 LED flood light
* FM/AM RADIO AM: 520-1710kHz FM: 88-108MHz
* USB Mobile phone charger
* Can be charged by solar, USB power or AC adaptor.
* high effficiency solar panel supply great power


We carry solar powered water pumps (and a few AC pumps) from several manufacturers, including Grundfos (SQF), SunPumps, Dankoff, and Shurflo. We also carry a complete line of accessories, hardware, and installation parts and kits.

Solar pumps fall into two major categories – surface, which includes pressure, delivery, and booster pumps & submersible – primarily submersible well pumps.

Delivery pumps are used to move water from one place to another. Some are capable of high pressure while others are intended mainly for moving large volumes at low pressure (such as moving water from a cistern to a stock watering tank). Flows can be small (1/2 gallon per minute or so) up to 30-40 gpm. Some (such as the popular 12 volt Shurflo pumps) are often used for pressurizing small water systems in homes, RV’s, and boats.

Submersible solar pumps are generally used for pumping from wells, and are designed to fit inside the well casing in a drilled hole. The most common casing size is 6″, but 5″ and 4″ are also seen in older wells. Some older wells drilled for windmills are less than 4″ (usually 2.25″), and solar submersible pumps will not fit. The well may be anywhere from a few feet to 1800 feet deep – but the deeper the well, the more expensive the system. Depths over 500 feet will generally cost quite a bit more. Solar powered well pumps are seldom suited for large amounts of water, such as irrigating larger fields if you have AC power available. The largest pumps generally available are 1/4 to 3 HP.

MINIMIZE SUCTION LIFT to just a few feet. The maximum possible suction limit for even a perfect surface pump is 31 vertical feet at sea level (subtract 1 ft. for every 1000 ft. of elevation). However there are no perfect pumps – 6 to 25 foot suction is the max on most. Some pumps, such as the Shurflo will pull from about 5 to 8 feet at sea level. The more you minimize suction lift, the more reliable and quiet your pump will be. Just be sure the motor will not be submerged if the water level rises, or it will be ruined. Your pump may be placed downhill from your water source.